Tooth, Secret Weapon No More

Posted on June 10th, 2010 by JJ Loy

I’m not sure where I got my first copy of it- and I certainly didn’t know much about it once I had it.  What I did know was that this was digital ska gold.  This album I’m speaking of, this ska masterpiece that’s never been released in physical form, and hidden away from the world is Tooth-  and for years, it’s been my secret weapon.

I’ve dropped Running For The F-Train and Intello Punk on countless mix tapes, and Out Of The Fryin’ Pan and Banker have blown minds when played on Ska’s The Limit.  The response is always along the lines of, “Where’d you get this?,”  “Who was that band?,”  “Where can I get it?“  Until yesterday, I’d normally just smile and shake my head, “Oh that’s Da Whole Thing.  What you don’t have that?”

Da Whole Thing was a short-lived NY super-group and they were like the Sex Mob of Ska.  The group was the brain child of Patrick Carayannis and executed by some of the top names in US Ska, Victor Rice, Vic Ruggiero, Chris Murray and Agent Jay, so you don’t need to take my word for it.  Those of you that have been coming to Ska Blah Blah from the beginning might remember Da Whole Thing being a point of topic in the first series of podcasts.

Da Whole Thing’s first record, @Version City has been available online for several years, but Tooth has always been my preference- for it’s chaotic brilliance, it’s creepy humor and it’s sheer rarity.  Scratch that last one off the list, it’s time that Tooth was available to the masses, and time you got your hot little hands the mp3′s that have been my secret weapon for too long.

Whatevski Records, the online record shop that’s been dishing up Slackers bootlegs for almost a year now, is branching out.  Along with Tooth, Whatevski’s also hosting digi-downloads of The Great Rocksteady Swindle, and Mr. T-Bone’s Heroes- both available with drool-worthy bonus features.

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Obama’s Dirty Secret

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by JJ Loy

From TheOnion:

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You know why this makes me laugh?  Because it hurts me, and then I laugh at myself for feeling stung.

It’s called cringe humor, and I love it.

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Westbound Train to be on Ska’s The Limit

Posted on May 7th, 2009 by JJ Loy

Westbound Train has been one of my favorite Ska/Reggae bands for a long time… and I have high hopes for their new album Come and Get It on HellCat records.   As many of you already know, Westbound has already started a massive tour to support Come and Get It- which will bring them to St. Louis on Mon, May 11… and more specifically to the Firebird at 7:30.

I am proud to announce that right before they head to the venue that night, the Westbound Boys will be swinging by KDHX studios for a little Live-in-Session action.  This performance will be aired the following Sat night, on my show, Ska’s The Limit.

I’ll be putting up links to the show and the session as soon as they air- so stay tuned.  And maybe I’ll se you at the Firebird for what promises to be a killer show.

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More News From Ska Blah Blah

Posted on August 13th, 2008 by JJ Loy

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve address you all-  I didn’t mean to stay away so long, but at every turn something new required my attention.  My weeks were filled with hospital visits, computer upgrades, and two trips across America’s West.  Forgive me, valued readers I thought about you the whole time.

I’ve also been running around with my head cut off preparing for my new gig as the host of The Ska’s the Limit.  My local community radio station, 88.1 KDHX St. Louis has picked yours truely to run STL, the world’s longest running ska radio show.

It’s truely an honor- I’ve been a fan of the show since high school, and I used to tape it when I was too broke for cds. Paul Stark, the show’s host for the past 15 years, has been more than suportive in getting Ska Blah Blah attention and in helping me land the position as his replacement.

I don’t know exactly how this will affect Ska Blah Blah- community radio comes with a hefty set of rules, and I’ll have to keep Ska Blah Blah and Ska’s The Limit very separate entities.  But I have every intention of running this blog and maintaining it’s focus, bring you the best ska and reggae links on the web.

If you have liked my interviews, on Ska Blah Blah; you can count on more to follow on the new show.  I hope to get as many bands into the studio as possible.  You hear me, bands?

In addition to I can also be reached at

Previous posts and archives of the last two weeks are available here.

Ska’s the Limit airs this Saturday night/Sunday Morning, Aug 17 at 2 AM Central Time, in the St. Louis area.  Not in the St. Louis area?  Listen live online here.

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Posted on May 4th, 2007 by JJ Loy

STL stands for two of my favorite things:

St. Louis, my adopted home town. And Ska’s The Limit, my absolute favorite Ska show.

In high school, when ska still seemed mysterious and new to me, Ska’s the Limit showed me how old some of those sounds were. And later, when the big clubs wouldn’t book ska shows, Paul Stark, the host of STL, generated local Ska Festivals. And in the early days of this century, when Ska was treated like a bastard step-child by corporate radio, Ska’s the Limit was the only source for Ska music on the St Louis air.

Fatlip once said, “You give respect, to get respect.” And in like fashion, Ska’s the Limit will be rebroadcasting Ska Blah Blah this summer. They’ll be played in order, the first Fri of every month.

If you’re a fan of Ska Blah Blah, I recommend bouncing over to KDHX’s Ska’s The Limit and checking out some back episodes.

If you live in St. Louis, tune into STL every Fri at 8 PM. That’s 88.1 KDHX.

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