New Dub Trio

Posted on January 29th, 2008 by JJ Loy

The word from Dub Trio is that their new album, Another Sound is Dying, is in stores today! I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a copy, but the last album was such a surprise to me, and their sound is so fresh; I’m sure I’ll go ape shit for it.

Here’s a couple of extended live videos from


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Dub Online: Flash Game Makes You the DJ

Posted on January 4th, 2008 by JJ Loy

I found this site a few years ago, and quickly lost track of it. Only because of serendipitous searching has it found it’s way to my bookmarks list.

It’s Infinite Wheel, a Flash-based series of Games that puts you in the DJ drivers seat. There are 10 games in all, each with multiple riddim tracks and packed with friendly cartoon characters and urban landscapes that, when clicked, fire off signature dub FX. There is no goal to the games except executing your own track without dropping the beat.

It’s a blast! However, I’d like to see this idea expanded upon in just two ways: While the cartoony interface is fun, I’d go crazy for an interface that simply represented the mixing board. You know, a true Dub Simulator. And the main drawback to the Infinite Wheel games is the lack of record-ability. How cool would it be to carve out a flawless Dub track on IW and then export the song to show off to your friends?

Here’s the Link you’ll need, just click the different characters to play their game.

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Dub Online: NPR profiles Reggae Ice Cream Truck

Posted on January 4th, 2008 by JJ Loy

The spirit of the Sound System is alive and well as evidenced by Aurelito and Shakespeare’s tricked out, 1960′s era ice cream truck. Instead of selling Bomb Pops and poorly designed sherbet on a stick, these LA DJ’s sling cds and spin vinyl for the neighborhood kids.

Get the whole story from this 2004 Day to Day segment. Link


Fans of my favorite blog, Boing Boing, might recognize the name in this story’s byline is that of the host of Boing Boing TV, Xeni Jardin. Not only does she have the hottest voice to regularly grace NPR, but she is easily the foxiest of all the editors. But we love her for her mind, of course. She brings a unique perspective to tech journalism by focusing on the cultural side of science. Yes, I’m a Ska Geek, but I’m also a Geek Geek.

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Secret Victor Rice DVD

Posted on December 10th, 2007 by JJ Loy

If you would be so kind as to remember the second episode of Conversations on a Revivalist Movement, you’d recall Victor Rice describing the mechanics of bringing studio Dub into a live venue. He also mentioned that a DVD was being produced to feature his live performance.

This has generated more inquiries than almost any other topic. Kids from all over the world have written me, trying to track down this DVD for themselves. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The Good: The DVD is done. The Bad: it’s not for sale, Victor uses it for promotion not profit. More Good: I have a copy, and it’s rad.

I understand Mr. Rice’s decision to not give the live show an official release; the camera is static for half of the show, and Victor’s face is obscured by shadows, almost completely. This is not the type of DVD to make a big splash at Tower Records- there’s no interviews or guest appearences, no clever editing or new release tie-ins. This is what it is: Victor Rice at the sound board, running reel-to-reels of his production work and Dubifying every beat.

And who wants marketability anyways. This is the mysterious Guru of Jamaican Revivalism giving us a glimpse of his process. Lee Perry and Mad Professor would do everything they could to keep their signature Dub techniques a secret, but Rice allows us behind the mixer to see how Dub gets done. And it is absolutely amazing.

I predict that this DVD will become what so many Ska and Reggae videos have already, a hard to find cult masterpiece. All of the ingredients are there.

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PS Do not ask me for a copy, it’s not mine to give.

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Cut the Chit Chat – 03 – Hard Edged Dub

Posted on September 11th, 2007 by JJ Loy

Maybe I’ve had the wrong impression for a long time, but I had always seen Dub Reggae as chill-out music- something to be passively and herbally enjoyed. Dub is a Weapon was the first band, that I encountered, to change the vibe from relaxing to energetic, with squealing guitars and double-time rhythms. And now, groups like Dub Trio are fulfilling this aggressive dub destiny by mixing creepy Dub FX into Bad Brains style Hard Core.

This episode brings you this sound, plus other non-traditional Dub approaches from bands like the Beastie Boys, Gotan Project, and the Drastics.

Babylon Motorhome – Big Band Vid Link
The Drastics – Al Q’runka Live Vid Link
Beastie Boys – Suco De Tangerina Vid Link
Dub Trio – Illegal Dub Vid Link
Slackerland All-Stars – Dub #1 Live
Dub is a Weapon – Unlabeled Live Track Live Vid Link
Crazy Baldhead – Controls
Gorillaz feat. Terry Hall – M1A1 Terry Hall Vid Link
Gotan Project – El Capitalismo Foraneo Vid Link
Pepper Pots – We Must Believe (Remix) Live Vid Link

Other Link of Interest: has a ton of live Dub sets form many of these groups. Plus it’s free! Link (search for Dub)

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