Dub Online: NPR profiles Reggae Ice Cream Truck

Posted on January 4th, 2008 by JJ Loy

The spirit of the Sound System is alive and well as evidenced by Aurelito and Shakespeare’s tricked out, 1960′s era ice cream truck. Instead of selling Bomb Pops and poorly designed sherbet on a stick, these LA DJ’s sling cds and spin vinyl for the neighborhood kids.

Get the whole story from this 2004 Day to Day segment. Link


Fans of my favorite blog, Boing Boing, might recognize the name in this story’s byline is that of the host of Boing Boing TV, Xeni Jardin. Not only does she have the hottest voice to regularly grace NPR, but she is easily the foxiest of all the BB.net editors. But we love her for her mind, of course. She brings a unique perspective to tech journalism by focusing on the cultural side of science. Yes, I’m a Ska Geek, but I’m also a Geek Geek.

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