Ska In Advertising: Fit your Bit to Ska!

This ad was a bit of an obsession of mine for a few weeks, earlier this summer. What sounds like a long-lost cut from the Treasure Isle vaults sent me on a wild goose chase for its origins. Running into the room whenever I heard ‘that fit-bit ska’ and plugging lyrics into Google didn’t turn up any help, nor did contacting FitBit directly.

Only when the company finally released the ad on youtube, was the artist and track info finally released. And no, this is not some dusty, old Maytals track, pulled out of some private collection and used to sell wearable tech. This is a brand NEW tune by contemporary artist, Derek Breakfield. Very impressed! Crossing my fingers that they release as a full-length single in the future.

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  1. Derek Breakfield Says:

    Thanks for a great write up for my Fitbit commercial! I am a lover of ska and have played bass for The Untouchables and English Beat/General Public.

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