Critical Look At JA Album Art

I really like this social examination of Jamaican Album art, from a design point-of-view from Smashing Magazine.  Blogger, Dan Mayer, takes an in-depth look at the early chapters of JA albums from Ska to Dancehall and right up to contemporary reissues:

“…while many covers evidence a conscious Afro-centric opposition to Western society, many others adopt, mimic or are swallowed up by the conventions of American music and movies. You can see every chapter of Jamaica’s modern social history?—?the burden of colonialism, the optimism surrounding political independence, the social and economic problems that greeted self-rule?—?reflected in the typographic, illustrative and photographic choices made by its album cover artists over the last fifty years.”

Sound like something you’d like to read?  I thought so.  You can read the whole Social History of Jamaican Album Covers over at Smashing Magazine.

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