Update: Legends Of Ska Joins Kickstarter

It’s been a few years since I’ve heard anything from the filmmakers behind Legends of Ska, a purportedly in-production documentary/concert film project.  But the project is not dead yet!  Behold a new Facebook Page. Built around the all star concert of the same name from 2002, I can only imagine that the producers have spent the past few years editing additional footage and getting the money thing in order.  It’s always the money thing, idn’t it?

The big concert in ’02 featured (among others) Prince Buster, Lord Tanamo, Patsy Todd, Stranger Cole, Owen Grey and the topper, in my opinion, Lord Creator- and I’ve been kicking myself for not making the trek to Toronto ever since!   Considering that many of the artists featured in the documentary have since passed away, the need for this DVD is greater than ever.

Event Poster from '02

You may recognize this concept from Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, which found DVD distribution last year, and you’d be right.  But considering ska’s contribution to rocksteady, it seems only fair that both find release, right?  I’m not sure what we, the fans, can do to help at this stage other than showing our support and spreading the word.

Maybe the Legends Of Ska folks should take a note from Samuel Gursky, who’s started a KickStarter page for his new documentary project, Brooklyn Rocksteady- which is generating a fair amount of buzz in the ska community, or the makers of Laurel Aitken – Live at Club Ska, which found international distribution.  However they do it, I just hope we get it soon, Legends of Ska sounds amazing!

UPDATE:  Looks like great minds think alike- you can support the Legends Of Ska production and lock in your copy of the DVD and soundtrack, by pledging at the LOS Kickstarter Page.

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