Don’t Skank Unless You Mean It

They’re being mean again!  Sure, this scathing 3rd Wave Ska parody from is about 12 years too late, but it’s my job to cover it when anyone is picking on Ska.  What’s sad is that this is still the image the world has when they think about Ska- if they even ever think about Ska to begin with.

Please don’t get upset with me for posting more Ska Deprecation.  I don’t think a lot of the points they make are all that apt anymore- but like the Ras Trent thing from last year, I think this video is good medicine for the scene.  Besides, I’d wager the songwriters, Patrick Cassels and Scott Hallam were drawing from some personal ska experiences to craft such a put down to the ska-punk sound.

Alright, here’s Too Much Brass:

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  1. shaggy Says:

    No such thing as too much brass.

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