Jools Holland is a Ska Nut

Boogie Woogie pianist and enthusiast, Jools Holland has been making music for years.  Having recorded 20-some-odd albums, and supported some of the top musicians in the world with his session work, Holland has most recently been focused on his musical television series, Later With Jools Holland.

I first heard of Jools when I bought my copy of his 2005 record, Swinging the Blues, Dancing the Ska- which I found to be quite lacking in the Ska dept.  No matter, it was a fine helping of Boogie Woogie, and besides, he’s proven his love for ska in other ways.

From his show, Later With Jools Holland, here’s a few samples of Holland’s more ska-leaning guests, starting with Desmond Dekker:

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The Specials – Little Bitch 11/04/09

Rico Rodriguez – L.O.V.E. 01/01/09

Madness – Forever Young 04/24/09