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I was searching around on YouTube the other day for some Pirate-style Ska from Deal’s Gone Bad and The Parka Kings- I just played a few Pirate Ska tunes on Ska’s The Limit and I was hoping to find some video links to accompany the playlist-  and I was surprised to find similar links for both bands.

What I found was an entire series of clips from an out-of-print Jump Up Records VHS called, Ska American Style.  I  remember the old Ska American Style cd compilation that Jump Up put out in the late 90′s, but these YouTube clips are the first I’ve heard of the VHS.

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Not only does the video series show a couple of songs by DGB and The Parka Kings, it’s got great late 3rd wave acts like Skapone, The Eclectics, Gangster Fun and a few more.  This is a nice little slice of the Midwest scene from 1998.  Dig it:

Ska American Style – Part 1 – DEALS GONE BAD
Ska American Style – Part 2 – SKAPONE
Ska American Style – Part 3 – HOT STOVE JIMMY
Ska American Style – Part 4 – THE EXCEPTIONS
Ska American Style – Part 5 – THE PARKA KINGS
Ska American Style – Part 6 – THE ECLECTICS
Ska American Style – Part 7 – SUSPECT BILL
Ska American Style – Part 8 – GANGSTER FUN
Ska American Style – Part 9 – TELEGRAPH

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  1. Nicolas Says:

    By any chance do you have the cd or know how to find it

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