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No joke!’s serious media wing, The AV Club, has just picked ska as the subject for the latest Gateway To Geekery.   This is not the long-winded, comprehensive history of ska, that I usually link to- no.  This is a cursory overview- an introduction.  After all, this is the big idea behind Gateways To Geekery, to give an entry point into a densely geek-ified scene.

If Ska has never crossed your path, The AV Club recommends that you test the water with 70′s Ska- This Are Two Tone, in particular.  I don’t think I would immediately point the uninitiated straight to The Specials, but their reasons are sound.  I don’t want to sum up the piece too much, it’s not that long to begin with.

Be sure to keep scrolling for all of the comments, it’s amazing to read a wide sampling of opinions on the ever-expanding subject of ska music.  Less Than Jake fans that are more earnest than Scientologists- armchair musicologists brave enough to drop “mento” bombs- a thread dedicated to ska-pun band names- I’m telling you, the comments section is worth the visit.

The Onion’s AV Club, Gateways To Geekery: Ska

I hesitate to, but after several cringes, I’m filing this under Ska-Deprecation

-How to Spot a Shitty Ska Band Name
-More Ska-Deprecation
-Rudy’s In CT by Ansis

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