The Hipster Go-Go Dancers Teach The Ska

Found this awesome online Ska dance clinic, from The Hipster Go-Go Dancers.  There have been many attempts through the years to teach the ska and skanking, using the internet, but few have been accurate or even useful.

Enter the Hipster Girls. They break it down and make it easy, describing the basic Ska dance moves, distinguishing it from Annette Funicello’s Jamaican Ska, and including variations like, The Dog, The Skank, The Monkey and even a section on doing the Rocksteady.  They even provide suitable tunes to practice to.

From The Hipster Go-Go Dancers’ page:

The Hipster Go-Go Dancers performed non-suggestive, early to mid 60s, original and authentic, go-go/fad dances and are not associated with todays burlesque, strippers, erotic dancers or modern go-go. (Modern go-go dancers are erotic dancers anyway). Think music shows between 1964 and 1966 and Swinging London fashion.

The only real drawback to the site, is a lack of illustration.  There are, of course, very cute animated gifs at the top of the page… but beyond that, there isn’t a much of a visual element.  What these hipster dancer’s lack in web 2.0- they make up for in autenticity.  Absolutely fantastic!

UPDATE:  It looks like Kathy from the Hipster Go Go’s has struck out on her own.  The new home for The Original Ska Moves page can be found here.


  1. length Says:

    wow..great new site layout, JJ. I love old dance clinic videos about skanking! thanks for the links.

  2. Kathy (Little Miss Go-Go!) Says:

    Sorry, I used to have a few more gifs up and when I have time may put them back up again or even do some new ones. I used to demonstrate the moves that appear on the page when I featured with Melbourne ska band, The Ska Vendors.

    My ‘The Hipster Go-Go Dancers’ web-site will be closing down soon and I’ve transferred the ska page to my Little Miss Go-Go! web-site which is undergoing a transfer of servers at the moment but should be back up in the next couple of weeks. The web-site URL will be

    Thanks for your kind write-up. It’s comments like yours that tell me whether I should keep a page or ditch it. Kind regards – Kathy

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