Dub Online: A Big Day For Dub

Well if you’re in the mood for Dub then I’ve got the links for ya:

First things first, The Drastics have released another digital 7″  This time, hairstyles are the target of our favorite dub killers- in the new cut, Vibes, Love Music + Jheri Curl feat MC Zulu.  You can check it out on their MySpace page.  But you should also take a gander at their new blog, which is very pleasing to the eyes- and ears.

Next up, I’ve got a video of Dubmatix remixing John Brown’s Body, which was created by numerous animators from around the world.  John Brown’s Body is an Easy Star Records project that is getting the full remix treatment.  You can read more here.

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Finally, a site that applies Dub and Remix techniques to the art of YouTubing. Thru-You.com creates music videos by chopping and splicing existing musical pieces on YouTube.  I think of it as “found dub.”  You’ll think of it as “neato.”

Click here to see What It Became on Thru-You.com

PS Sorry for any spelling mistakes this time through… my spell checker is wonky.

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