Cadence St. John Makes Skin Sexy

I was surprised, yesterday, when I was contacted by Cadence St. John, an “erotic, print and fetish model,” asking for a link exchange.  St. John’s site, (NSFW) is her blog covering her carreer in Alt Porn and modeling in general. Here’s a bit from her description:

…I am a skinhead girl and being in this subculture you here a lot of shit and stereotypes that just suck. Skinhead girls are supposedly all fat, butch and ugly, or so the stereotype suggests. I don’t believe this and I want to change that. You can be tough, able to care of yourself  and still be a beautiful, sexual individual. That is what this site is about and giving something that you don’t see a lot of- a skingirl proud of her sexuality and not afraid to show it.

Rude Girl Cadence St. John

I realized quickly that I shouldn’t be surprised that she contacted me at all- this skingirl loves Ska:

To this day Ska is my favorite music. It’s how I came in the company of Skinheads when I was a young teen. Ska can be amazingly happy or majorly depressing but it always got to my emotions. I have a tattoo around my belly button “Celebrate the Bullet” it’s a song by The Selecter. Pauline Black has the most amazing, soulful voice. I could not get over that song for a long time. “Fu Man chu” by Desmond Dekker, “One Cup of Coffee” by Bob Marley (before the reggae), all are just amazing songs. I love this genre of music.

Cadence fights racial and extreemist stereotypes that are often applied to Skinheads while also using fetish and sub culture in a non-exploitive fashion.  You can check out OiTomBoy here NSFW.


  1. Joanna Says:

    I have been a girl in the ska/reggae subculture for over ten years. I have experienced a lot of stereotyping and lots of sexist bullshit as well. In all honesty, I feel this girl is perpetuating it. These “stereotypes” that she feels that suck are all all based on looks. Is she trying to fight them by taking her clothes off? I can understand if that’s what she’s doing for her career, that’s all fine and good…but if she’s trying to fight stereotypes, does one have to go that far to try to prove such shallow stereotypes wrong? If she wanted to disprove that, she could model without taking her clothes off.

    As someone who fights the same “stereotypes”, I do different things. I dj, I collect records, I book shows, I promote….To be honest, girls like this make it harder for someone like me since it sexually objectifies us and it makes it hard when trying to do business and promote. We’re not taken seriously, and this sort of stuff is not helping.

    Just my two cents.

  2. JJ Loy Says:

    Great counterpoint, Joanna-

    I wonder if we could get Cadence to chime in… I’d be lying if I said that her nudity wasn’t a point of interest- so I think I’ll stay out of this one.

  3. Cadence St. John Says:

    I don’t always take my clothes off for my job. I just want to add something else. If you are blaming me for stereotypes and objectification to women then blame Cleopatra, Helen of Troy or Betty Page because they were here far long before me. It is really sad if you have to blame me for not getting what you want done. I don’t do things like collect records to fight stereotypes but I write, I fight racism and I have been here for over a decade too. I work harder than a great deal of people and I don’t feel like I have to defend what I do. I love what I do and I love my subculture. Interpret this any way you want but I am not about internet drama, it is not productive, this is all I’m going to say. Thanks-

  4. Cadence St. John Says:

    By the way, I know Helen is a mythical character but a highly objectified one. Thanks-

  5. Joanna Says:

    I’m not placing a blame, I’m just saying you are perpetuating a “i’m only here to look good” role for women in subcultures. Your website claims that “Skinhead girls are supposedly all fat, butch and ugly, or so the stereotype suggests.” – all strictly related to looks. Placing that sort of importance on appearance is something women should not do to each other, especially in niche subculture groups.

    I am not trying to pick a battle or start drama. I am not trying to point a blame. What I am trying to say is that I feel that there are better ways to fight stereotypes than to take one’s clothes off.

    Like I said before, this stuff, no matter who does it, makes it hard for me to book shows, work with bands, and promote since it perpetuates a stereotype that the few girls in this subculture are easy and passed around from one guy to another.

    Again, I am not personally attacking you, but I am asking you to see things from another person’s point of view.

  6. Jade Jolie Says:

    Cadence St. John is beautiful, intelligent, down to earth, and just simply amazing! I always have an amazing time shooting with her! I’m sick of looking at Jenna Jameson wannabes in the adult industry, it’s about time we all get schooled on what sexy really is. Love u Cadence!

  7. Oakland! Says:

    Hahahahaha it’s the “Silver Fox”! Apologies to the others reading this, as it’s a bit of an inside joke. All jokes aside, this young lass was a walking stereotype when she used to hang around in Oakland and SF. All the reggae knowledge on the planet can’t hide the fact that when she wasn’t fucking someone from our circle, she was the butt of many, many, many a joke. I’m almost shocked to see that she’s a pornstar now, as nobody around here took her seriously because of the sleeping around, but obviously that flew right over her head as she’s still trying to get respect in the skinhead scene by fucking people. Above all that, she looks terrible without her clothes on, and it’s baffling that people are actually spending money to see her naked. Ugh. Have some respect for yourself, JESSICA!

  8. Sindi Says:

    This slut is totally lost, she doesn’t know anything at all, and it’s funny thing that she called herself a skin byrd while she’s a fan of hairy artists and bands like Dave Navarro and Motley Crue…LMAO

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