Ska Blah Blah Introduces Guest Blogging

Hey kids-  In an attempt to include more voices and more opinions on this site, I’ve invited some of the most opinionated and knowledgeable folks in the scene to contribute to Ska Blah Blah.

The first of these is Victor Rice.  He was my first phone interview for the Conversations on a Revivalist Movement (even though Chris Murray got the first episode), and now he’s the first to submit for the Guest Blogging series.

Rice is going to be lending his sage-like wisdom to all the new bands that want to play ska- and they want to do it right, in a series he calls, So You’re Starting a Ska Band.  The first installment can be found in the post immediately preceding this one or by clicking here.

Keep coming back for more advice from the one, Victor Rice- and look forward to more Guest Bloggers in the very near future.  And, as always, your comments are more than welcome.

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  1. Moose Says:

    Hellz yeah!
    What a great concept for ska.
    My band mate and I started
    in preparation for our first two tone president and the skankin’ years to come. It’s great to see all the ska sites and blogs here on the web. We will certainly add this site to ours and hopefully…we’ll see you out there on the dance floor!
    Happy Skalidays to all!

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