Ska Online: The World Loves JA Music

I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard a great NPR or PRI story that covers Jamaican music recently.  That’s National Public Radio and Public Radio International, for those that aren’t hip.  This time around, The World, an afternoon world news program presented by PRI and BBC World News, sent their host down to Jamaica to file a few reports on the regions musical history.

It’s clear that someone behind the story, be it host, Marco Werman, or another producer, loves Jamaican Music.  These stories didn’t cover the recent Dancehall or Reggaeton crazes- the focus is on the old school stuff.  One piece goes back to Alpha Boys School, while another finds Werman on the streets in search of Studio One.

This stuff was nothing new to me and there were a few things said that I don’t think are true- but they were definitely worth a listen if for no other reason than to hear our favorite music being characterized as a vital part of today’s musical framework.

Here’s the links:

Report on Alpha Boys School (Featuring Errol Dunkley!!)

Rise and Fall of Jamaica’s Music Scene

DJ Dice Set List – A reconstruction of an oldies Sound System party, thrown every week in Rae Town, Kingston, JA.

Geo Quiz – Largest City in Jamaica – A total freebie, from what is usually a really hard geography quiz- but with a shout out to Ska.

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  1. silvia Says:

    can’t access DJ Dice’s Set List; when I click to download the mp3 it yields either an empty screen (Firefox) or an error message (Internet Explorer); is there any way to remedy this?

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