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I’ve come to the end of another series of interviews.  Small Talk concluded with just as much punch as it began with- and I am honored to have spoken with each and every artist featured within.

I know the site has been wonky with Safari and Opera, lately- and I think that issue is resolved at the moment.  Please let me know if you are still having trouble viewing  A site overhaul is in the works.  Until then, here’s a complete hunk of links- everything I’ve produced for Ska Blah Blah:

Series One – Conversations on a Revivalist Movement

01.Chris Murray
02.Victor Rice
03.Dave Hillyard
04.Joey Altruda
05.Vic Ruggiero

Series Two – Cut the Chit Chat

01.New Ska
02.Skinhead Reggae
03.Hard Edged Dub
04.Ska Rap
05.Ska Demos
06.Even Newer Ska

Series Three – Small Talk

01 – Victor Axelrod
02 – Green Room Rockers
03 – Babylon Party Machine
04 – The Impalers
05 – The Aggrolites

Special Episodes

00 Field Trip to Ska Weekend ’07
00 A Look Back at The Skatalites Middle Period

New episodes aren’t in the near future, but the blog side of Ska Blah Blah will continue to bring you lots of Ska Links and Videos.  If you haven’t already, please subscribe with your favorite feed reader.

Thank you all so much for reading the blog and listening to the podcasts, especially those of you who have really contributed by commenting on the various posts.  I encourage everyone to leave a comment or drop me a line with your thoughts on all things Ska.


-JJ Loy

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  1. t-bass Says:

    Hey JJ,

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate having a great site like this that not only focuses on ska, but many of the diverse Jamaican musical styles. I now include many new bands in my list of favorites that I discovered on skablahblah. Your interviews with many of the luminaries of the American ska scene were super informative and entertaining.
    I am currently working on a website showcasing Canada’s small but vibrant ska scene and would love to post a link on here in the near future. Much love and respect.


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