More Ska-Deprecation

Posted on July 3rd, 2008 by JJ Loy

The good news is that Ska is still big enough to piss it’s nay-sayers off.  The bad news is that everyone’s laughing at us. Ska Geeks have never been discouraged by our scene’s unpopularity, but rarely are we subjected to such acute scrutiny.

Over at Your Scene Sucks, recent American Ska fashion is being picked apart with sharp accuracy.  The accompanying text goes on to declare that Ska is dead, but we know better.  This is more a condemnation of the 3rd Wave fashion and music.  As a Trad loving, non-uniformed Ska Kid, I neither resemble nor resent this characterization.

“…the rude boy was never good at any sports, so instead he opted to join the marching band which, incidentally, led to the formation of his own group. the band enjoyed their biggest success at a recent high school battle of the bands, where they showcased their originality by covering the reel big fish cover of a-ha’s “take on me”.

How about you?  Is this your look? Does this burn your britches a little?  Check out some of the other scenes covered at Your Scene Sucks to cheer you up a little.  Everyone looks silly when they play dress up.  Click the image to visit the Rude Boy page at Your Scene Sucks:

Thanks to Lawless over at Dancin Mood for hipping me to this.

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