How to Spot a Shitty Ska Band Name

Fan of the show, and cryptic emailer, John, reminded me of this embarrassingly effective formula for judging a Ska band solely by their name.  Adam Coozer’s list of violations goes a bit far, but his talent for creating phony shitty ska band names is where this link really shines.  It’s as if MAD Magazine was sending up Ska.

Here’s just a few of my favorites, but you should check out the whole post at ReadJunk.  Link

International Pancake House of Rhythm

The Go Go Bots

Jerks Like Us

Obi-Wan Ska-Nobi

The Skinhead Oi 2Tone 10 Year Olds

The Honda Accords

Mento Commercials

Skinhead Kickboxer 7

Spider Nick & the Italians

The Utah Mormon Ska-Crap Ensemble


  1. brem Says:

    Doh. Guess we chose a shitty band name for our band :-) Has “tone” in it… to our defense, it was already a name with a “tone” in it and we didn’t make it up.

    Anyhoo, my favourites are:

    The Defecators

    And we almost chose “The Syncopaters”. Glad we didn’t! :-)

    But that assessment can’t be always true…

    I mean… Dave Hillyard and the Magnifidude 7… they’re not crap, are they? :)

  2. DTN Says:

    That article is hilarious. In 1995 or 1996, Jafo and I came up with the name for a bad ska band (or maybe OI!, I don’t remember) that followed Adam’s rules almost exactly. It was called “Skinhead Abby and the Route 69ers.” (Which reminds me, at one point some of the ‘Voovies recorded an as-yet unreleased Oi song once [as the Newcastle Stompers] called “Down at the Pub.” It’s sucktastically excellent.)

    I think my favorite band name in that list is “Punch the Band.” However, I can think of one band with a SUPER unfortunate name that was actually pretty good–”Shrimp Skampi and the Skallops” from Philly. Terrible name (I think they changed it), but not at all a band band (I think they chose their name when they were really, really young).

  3. Ska Blah Blah » More Ska Deprication Says:

    [...] – Spot Shitty Ska Band Names [...]

  4. Matt Wixson Says:

    I have found what I believe to be the worst band name ever imagined, and it happens to be a ska band. Allow me to present to you Llama Tsunami & the Without Helmet!

  5. arlene Says:

    I have to say i like llama tsunami. It makes you think twice, and shows that naming a Ska band is an art. When i think of a llama in a tsunami, i can really enjoy the band’s creativity

  6. howie bledsoe Says:

    Come to Germany sometime, hehehe…
    talk about shitty ska band names, JESUS!!!
    Granted, some of the bands arent bad, just the names, like,
    ska face
    skaski and hutch
    not to mention a czech ska band, the dices, whom I think the irony was lost on, as they couldnt speak english…

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