On the Subject of Me

Posted on May 20th, 2008 by JJ Loy

No, this is not a personal Blog. You don’t come to my feed to learn more about me as a person. You want to read about new and strange pieces on the subject of Ska.

Tough taffy, my friends.

The truth is, I’m proud of a lot of my non-Ska projects and I won’t tie my own hands for the sake of consistency.

A few years back, my comedic collaborator, Daniel Waxler and I shot a short film here in St. Louis. The premise revolves around two corporate lemonade salesmen and their attempted takeover of a local independent competitor, two little girls across the street.

MiniMovie.com, a new embedded video upstart was eager to license the short- and LemCon is now available for your viewing pleasure. MiniMovie’s embedding options are very limiting, click here to Watch LemCon.

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