Off Topic: JJ Loy Makes Make

I am pleased to announce that the newest issue of Make Magazine will feature a small article by yours truly. While the article has nothing to do with Ska music, I did get a nice plug for the web site at the end.

It is an honor, not just to be published by the legitimate press, but because of the publishers and editors in particular. I’ve been a reader and sympathizer with the kids since I first picked up The Happy Mutant Handbook in 1996. It was a surprise when Boinger, Mark Frauenfelder answered my email about magicians and patent law, but it blew my mind when he asked me to write about it in Make.

Make is a kind of How-To/DIY mag, for the digital age. It’s published by O’Reilly Media, who also put out Craft and The Missing Manual series of books. I could not have hoped for a cooler group of people to be associated with.

My contributor page.

Link to the article The Conjurer’s Dilemma (Make subscribers only)

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