Dub Online: Flash Game Makes You the DJ

I found this site a few years ago, and quickly lost track of it. Only because of serendipitous searching has it found it’s way to my bookmarks list.

It’s Infinite Wheel, a Flash-based series of Games that puts you in the DJ drivers seat. There are 10 games in all, each with multiple riddim tracks and packed with friendly cartoon characters and urban landscapes that, when clicked, fire off signature dub FX. There is no goal to the games except executing your own track without dropping the beat.

It’s a blast! However, I’d like to see this idea expanded upon in just two ways: While the cartoony interface is fun, I’d go crazy for an interface that simply represented the mixing board. You know, a true Dub Simulator. And the main drawback to the Infinite Wheel games is the lack of record-ability. How cool would it be to carve out a flawless Dub track on IW and then export the song to show off to your friends?

Here’s the Link you’ll need, just click the different characters to play their game.

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