Ska Online: DJ Sleeper Spins the Real Rare Reggae

I’m not one for competition. I’ve let everyone beat me in almost every game I’ve played, save bowling and Boggle. As far as my “competition” in the Ska and Reggae Podcast game- I’m not too proud to recognize their achievements. Podcasters like Gabe Pressure and the fellas at Music is Our Occupation, are some of my most vocal listeners, after all.

It’s with this supportive spirit that I rcomend to anyone reading this, Sleeper’s Record Shack. Host/producer Mick Sleeper has a massive Reggae wax collections, and uses that as the foundation for his show. Episodes tend to follow a theme, be it a musical style or a single artist. Some of my favorite episodes have been, Far East Sound, Cuban Missle Crisis, and Motown Meets Trenchtown.

These episodes will have familiar artists but the tracks are fairly rare, and unless you have a hefty collection yourself, you are sure to be impressed with Sleeper’s selection. However, the element that completely sells this show, in my opinion, is Sleeper’s delivery. If you thought I sounded square on the air, you’ve got to hear this classic Kingston DJ style chat, read in a Ward Cleaver-type diction. I’m telling you, Sleepers Record Shack is worth a listen just to hear the intros, but the music will keep you until the progress bar hits zero.

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  1. gabe Says:

    Hey we’re better than you :b
    Mick Sleeper is THE MAN!

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