Fellow Podcaster Keeps Me Honest

In my recent, somewhat critical, write up on Bedouin Soundclash, I ruffled the feathers of one of my fellow ska podcasters. It seems that Gabe from Pressure Drop Soundcast and MusicalOcupation.com is a bigger fan of the Bedouin boys than myself. Much like the Open Season chat battle, of years past, Gabe and I aired our differences of opinion with some good natured rib jabbing.

From such sources as blog comments and email, the conversation in it’s entirety:

Original Post

Whiney Boy Hipsters??
C’ mon man?!!(and later)
Had to hassle you about the Bedouin Soundclash post!
Those guys are amazing. To get them you gotta understand their many influences, that’s what makes them so great.
I would recommends listening to Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, followed imediatly by The Maytals, Maytones, The Clash or The Police. Then it’ll all of a sudden make sense!

Keep up the good work

It’s only because you’ve been very complimentary and supportive in
the past that I’m not going to get hurt feelings on this one. You
think I’d start a Ska blog and not know about Strummer or the Maytals?

Okay, so I’m not that hurt. But honestly, that wasn’t a direct
comment on the band (for the record I’ve never heard these guys
whine) but rather pointing out that their slick sound, especially the
vocals, remind me of the whiners that are popular these days.

The Police are a great comparison, and I wish I’d have thought of
that. I tend to favor the bands that are doing it themselves, have a
strong sense of revivalism, and shun Big Music. Bed. Soundclash have
two of those characteristics, but I fear they’re headed to the top
40. Even the amount of money being put into their videos is
evidence of the direction they’re heading. I personally agree with a
more Ruggiero style of success, by cultivating fans thru hard work,
and staying off of Mtv.

Maybe I’ll edit the post to clear up a few of my points. One of the
best parts of doing this blog, is encountering people like you, that
care equally as much. I didn’t want to make a show that turned
people onto ska in the first place, but one that people who love ska
already, would turn to. You’re going to make me stay on my toes.

If you’d like to keep this going (as a friendly argument) then just
say some shit!

I had to harass you!
Just friendly banter man.
I know what you mean about their sound and direction. However, I think they honestly make music from the heart, and if that sound is infectious enough to catch the attention of a mainstream audience, then so be it. They deserve to make money at something they are good at and love. At least they are doing it their way and not selling out to make their music marketable to a certain demographic. And they certainly portray that by the way they present themselves in the many interviews I’ve read and watched.

Ouch. He makes a good point, doesn’t he? Has commercial music ruined me for commercially viable music? Am I being a musical bigot? Perhaps, I fear that if the record companies start paying attention to ska, again, the result will be worse than before.Please add your own thoughts.

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