Cut the Chit Chat – 03 – Hard Edged Dub

Maybe I’ve had the wrong impression for a long time, but I had always seen Dub Reggae as chill-out music- something to be passively and herbally enjoyed. Dub is a Weapon was the first band, that I encountered, to change the vibe from relaxing to energetic, with squealing guitars and double-time rhythms. And now, groups like Dub Trio are fulfilling this aggressive dub destiny by mixing creepy Dub FX into Bad Brains style Hard Core.

This episode brings you this sound, plus other non-traditional Dub approaches from bands like the Beastie Boys, Gotan Project, and the Drastics.

Babylon Motorhome – Big Band Vid Link
The Drastics – Al Q’runka Live Vid Link
Beastie Boys – Suco De Tangerina Vid Link
Dub Trio – Illegal Dub Vid Link
Slackerland All-Stars – Dub #1 Live
Dub is a Weapon – Unlabeled Live Track Live Vid Link
Crazy Baldhead – Controls
Gorillaz feat. Terry Hall – M1A1 Terry Hall Vid Link
Gotan Project – El Capitalismo Foraneo Vid Link
Pepper Pots – We Must Believe (Remix) Live Vid Link

Other Link of Interest: has a ton of live Dub sets form many of these groups. Plus it’s free! Link (search for Dub)

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  1. Resista Says:

    You for forgot Slightly Stoopid
    I offer the following in evidence.

  2. JJ Loy Says:

    I have to admit, I’ve judged Slightly Stoopid by their name- and I never gave them a listen.

    Thanks for fixing my prejudice. This video is cool- they have a nice Jam Dub thing, like where Sublime was heading before the trouble.

    And thanks for visiting!

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