Ska Oddity: Original Mexican Ska

Here’s something you might not know about. I found this 60′s era Mexican Ska record on SoulSeek a couple years ago, and it definitely falls into the category of Ska Oddities.

The album was from Tono Quirazco, who’s fan-run-MySpace page, touts as “El Byron Lee Mexicano.” An apt comparison for sure. There isn’t much information online that is in English, but from what I gather Quirazco was a very popular guitarist in 1960′s Mexico. Not only was he a fan and contemporary of the Skatalites, but his guitar style is clearly Hawaiian influenced.

- Merida Ska.mp3
- La Mucura.mp3
- Pepe el Navaja.mp3
- The above mentioned MySpace page has more songs for download.

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  1. EpioN Says:

    This is fantastic music, thanks so much. I will introduce more raza to it so they can hear some of the roots of Mexican ska music.

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