STL stands for two of my favorite things:

St. Louis, my adopted home town. And Ska’s The Limit, my absolute favorite Ska show.

In high school, when ska still seemed mysterious and new to me, Ska’s the Limit showed me how old some of those sounds were. And later, when the big clubs wouldn’t book ska shows, Paul Stark, the host of STL, generated local Ska Festivals. And in the early days of this century, when Ska was treated like a bastard step-child by corporate radio, Ska’s the Limit was the only source for Ska music on the St Louis air.

Fatlip once said, “You give respect, to get respect.” And in like fashion, Ska’s the Limit will be rebroadcasting Ska Blah Blah this summer. They’ll be played in order, the first Fri of every month.

If you’re a fan of Ska Blah Blah, I recommend bouncing over to KDHX’s Ska’s The Limit and checking out some back episodes.

If you live in St. Louis, tune into STL every Fri at 8 PM. That’s 88.1 KDHX.

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  1. Pedro Says:

    Yeah man Its a shame that skas the limit got moved to like 2 am.

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